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Excessive convective rainfall in the MDT risk area of Day 1 Outlook 5/10/2013 caused massive flash flodding in Tuscany, Italy on the evening of October 5, 2013. It was caused by a nearly stationary convective system, that persisted over the region for hours.

Source: Blitzortung.org

Impressive cumulative rainfalls were recorded across the southern part of region with peak 6-hour cumulative values locally exceeding 150 mm!

6-hour rainfall cumulatives for Tuscany on October 5, 2013. Source: CFR Toscana.

Station Bracaggni-Grosseto recorded 164 mm of rainfall in the 4-hour period between 18h and 22h CET.

Station Bracaggni-Grosseto rainfall on October 5. Source: CFR Toscana.

Flash floods hit Grosseto, with torrents of water flowing through the streets and causing significant damage.

Flash flooding in Grosseto. Source: MeteoWeb.com.

Additional reports:

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