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Week 17 (Apr 25, 2016 – May 1, 2016) Contest Winners

After a long hiatus the Severe Weather Europe Photography Contest is Back! Yes, we have some catching up to do, but with photos like these, submitted by our members – it is the kind of catching up we absolutely love. We kick off with entries during April 25 – May 3 period. The WINNER among the 53 entries in this period is:

1. place – WINNER: Mikal de Langen – 103 votes

“Shelfcloud over Istha, Germany on 5 July 2015” by Mikal de Langen

2. place: Matthias Binder – 75 votes

“The Bennington Tornado, Kansas 28th of May, 2013” by Matthias Binder

3. place: Scott Duncan – 41 votes

“Tornado warned supercell with beaver tail inflow taken a year ago near Floydada, Texas” by Scott Duncan

4. place: Francesco Gennari – 38 votes

“South of Piacenza, last 13th April 2016, beautiful low top supercell at sunset with big rotation and persistent funnel cloud under the base. Italy, Emilia” by Francesco Gennari

5. place: Sebastian Stöttinger – 31 votes

“Monstrous shelf cloud near the belgian city of Mons on June 5, 2015” by Sebastian Stöttinger

6. place: Jan Arik Ittensammer‎ – 30 votes

“Mammatus Clouds yesterday evening near Linz, Austria…27 april” by Jan Arik Ittensammer‎

7. place (tie): Jeroen Kuiten‎ – 28 votes

“Twin strike over the city of Zoetermeer the Netherlands” by Jeroen Kuiten‎

7. place (tie): Martin Schunack‎ – 28 votes

“Black Rain – Big Thunderstorm appears over Schönbuch, Forest South of Stuttgart,Germany. Next Target Reutlingen with heavy Rain. Archive, Summer 2015” by Martin Schunack‎‎

8. place: Florian Sabo – 27 votes

“Approaching Thunderstorm, 19th July 2015 near Rosenheim, Bavaria” by Florian Sabo‎‎

9. place: Calvin Musch‎ – 26 votes

“Insanely beautiful lightning strike, the best lightning strike I captured to this date with leaders shooting out the side. Taken on 2nd of July 2015 in Almere, Netherlands” by Calvin Musch

10. place: Kristof BaseAid Piotrowski‎‎ – 26 votes

“Ready to bite… near Rosmalen the netherlands somewhen in 2014” by Kristof BaseAid Piotrowski‎


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