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Windstorm Christian reports (8)

The powerful wind storm Christian badly hit northern and northwestern Germany as well, bringing extremely severe wind gusts as seen on the map below. Some areas were battered with gusts in excess of 160 km/h, resulting in severe damage across the area. More updates will follow up later.

Damage in Helgoland island, Germany. Source: UnWetterNetzwerk

Extreme severe winds battering the coast of Helgoland island, Germany. Source:

Peak wind gusts map across Germany. Source:

And the video from the same location:


Peak wind gusts so far today across northern Germany:

  • 173 km/h St. Peter-Ording (11m)
  • 169 km/h Glücksburg/Meierwik (33m)
  • 169 km/h Kiel Leuchtturm (23m)
  • 158 km/h List/Sylt (29m)
  • 155 km/h Jagel (25m)
  • 151 km/h Feuerschiff Tiefenwasser Ems (0m)
  • 148 km/h Helgoland/Düne (8m)
  • 144 km/h Schönhagen (Ostseebad) (2m)
  • 141 km/h Westerland/Sylt (17m)
  • 137 km/h Hohn (12m)
  • 137 km/h Norderney (16m)
  • 133 km/h Leck (17m)
  • 133 km/h Westermarkelsdorf (9m)
  • 130 km/h Schleswig (48m)
  • 130 km/h Heide/Elpersbüttel (5m)
  • 120 km/h Finkenwerder Flugh. (4m)

Stay tuned for more updated on this powerful storm and continue tracking it on Germany radar, UK radar, France radar, Belgium radar, Netherlands radar and satellite pages.

Windstorm Christian reports (6)
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