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Windstorm Christian reports (1)

After extremely severe wind gusts across the North Sea and surroundings in the HIGH risk area of DAY 1 Outlook for 28/10/2013, significant damage has been reported from Helgoland island, Germany. Wind gusts were reaching up to around 190 km/h!

Damage on Helgoland island. Source: JogiBear71 on Twitter

Significant straight-line winds damage to large fallen/uprooted trees also reported from Ameland, the Netherlands.

Damage in Ameland, NL. Source: Twitter

Stay tuned for more updated on this powerful storm and continue tracking it on Ireland radar, UK radar, France radar, Belgium radar, Netherlands radar and satellite pages.

Powerful wind storm Christian battering the western Europe - Oct 28, 07:30 UTC
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Windstorm Christian reports (3)
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