Update #2 on the thunderstorm activity in Sicily. Satellite imagery is showing ongoing activity pushing south onshore Sicily. Relying on satellite images, radar images and surface data only, the leading part/updraft of this system is a supercell with additional embeded mesocylones trailing it.

EUMETSAT VIS image 10:00 UTC. Source: EUMETSAT.

Radar ITA SUD SRI image 10:45 UTC, showing multiple isolated cells. Source: MeteoWeb.eu.

Radar Italy at 11:00 UTC. Source: Protezione Civile Italy.

Webcam images from San Vito Lo Capo are showing a possible striated mesocyclone (and possibly wall cloud in the first image), however, due to low image quality this conclusion cannot be definitive.

Webcam images from San Vito Lo Capo, 10:47-10:52 UTC. Source: http://www.meteobagheria.it/.

Webcams across northern Sicily are showing major thunderstorms coming onshore with heavy rainfall. A shelf cloud passed Palermo.

Shelf cloud over Palermo. Source: Giovanni Benenath Ferlazzo / MeteoWeb.eu.

San Vito Lo Capo webcam image. Source: Ilmeteo.it/.

Conditions in this area are currently very conductive for explosive formation of supercells. A very sharp surface convergence is present north of Sicily ahead of the cold front. A 40-45 kt WSW mid level jet is present and E-SE backing surface winds. High CAPE is present in the area due to strong WAA with WRF models predicting 2000-3000 J/kg NW of Sicily. This area is part of the updated MDT risk area of Day 1 Outlook 11/10/2013 with main threats for heavy convective rain, large hail, severe winds and even tornadoes.

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