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Stationary convective line of intense storms maintaining in the SE France – Oct 23, 12:15 UTC

The frontal zone extending from southern Scandinavia across central Europe into the NW Mediterranean is slowly progressing east across the SLGT risk area of DAY 1 Outlook for 23/10/2013, resulting in severe storms across SE France.

VIS satellite image. Source: EUMETSAT /

A stationary cluster or mainly intense multicell storms is sitting in the area for several hours now, bringing heavy torrential rainfall and flash floods threat. Given the cold and dry mid levels, some small hail accumulation seem possible as well. Training effect storms should continue for few more hours before threst shifts east towards northern Italy.

Latest radar scan of France. Source:

Lightning activity with the stationary cluster in SE France. Source:

Follow the ongoing activity on France radar, Switzerland radar, Italy radar, Germany radar and satellite pages.

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