A nearly stationary convective line formed on the surface wind convergence in Ligurian sea and has been mainaining for over 3 hours. Conditions are favourable for training effect cells and heavy rainfall across the Liguria and possibly NW Toscana included in the TSTM/SLGT risk area of Day 1 Outlook for 30/10/2013.

Radar scan of intense storm cells over Ligurian bay. Source: Meteoliguria.it

Radar animation. Source: Meteoliguria.it

Near 50-70 mm rain amounts have been reported in Genova area with further rainfall expected.

3h rainfall accumulation (05 – 08 UTC) in Liguria. Source: Meteoliguria.it

Over the sea, conditions are fairly favourable for tornadic waterspouts with significant low level shear, storm-relative helicity and buoyancy.

Visible satellite image. Source: EUMETSAT

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