Peak winds of windstorm Christian are shifting eastwards. Peak recorded wind speeds in the Netherlands in the past hour reached over 120 km/h. latest surface analysis gives the minimum pressure as 972 mbar.

UPDATE 10:55 UTC: peak winds of 143 km/h have just been reported from Borkum island, Germany.

A HIGH risk area was assigned to the United Kingdom, France, Benelux, Germany and Denmark in today’s Day 1 Outlook.

Eumetsat VIS image of the windstorm area. Source: EUMETSAT.

Wind gusts across the Netherlands lately. Source: WeerPlaza NL

Damage is already being reported from the Netherlands with numerous reports of fallen trees, damage to roofs and roof tiles causing further damage. reports the Dutch railway company NS has reduced services by 50% on some routes. Airline KLM has cancelled 42 flights to other European destinations. Schiphol and Rotterdam airports remain fully operational. Ferry services to the Wadden Islands have been cancelled.

Casualties been reported from the UK. BBC reports a 17-year old girl was killed in Kent when a tree fell on her. In Watford a 50-year old man was killed when a tree crashed on the car he was in. Power has been cut to over 220 000 homes.

Stay tuned for more updated on this powerful storm and continue tracking it on Ireland radar, UK radar, France radar, Belgium radar, Netherlands radar and satellite pages.