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Severe storms approaching the Iberian peninsula – Oct 21, 15:25 UTC

A cold front with embedded strong to severe storms capable of producing severe winds, heavy rain and some hail is approaching the Iberian peninsula.

Several strong cells visible on VIS satellite image. Source: EUMETSAT

The area is included into the MDT risk on DAY 1 Outlook for 21/10/2013. Surface observations reveal that strong SSW-erly winds are present across the NW Iberia which is yielding an enhanced low-level helicity up to several hundreds over Galicia region. Any severe storm that could become more discrete in this environment will have a potencial to produce a tornado. However, strong mid-level SW jet will continue advecting humid airmass onshore with heavy rain threat over Galicia.

Lightning activity. Source:

Radar scan for Galizia, NW Spain. Source:

Follow the ongoing storm with flooding threat on Spain radar, Portugal radar and satellites pages.

Flash floods and major damage in Tuscany (Italy) - Oct 21, 11:45 UTC
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