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Rapid cold frontal progress in the North Sea and severe storms in Algeria – Oct 9, 16:00 UTC

A well-defined upper trough is currently crossing the North Sea with a strong cold front pushing towards the continental Europe. The cold front is expected to continue its rapid progress this evening and overnight, bringing strong winds into the coastal areas of eastern UK, Belgium and Netherlands as seen on the SLGT risk area of Day 1 Outlook 9/10/2013. Within the very cold maritime airmass behind it, scattered storms are occuring over the warm SSTs of North Sea.


Station data plots reporting wind gusts from 60-80 km/h across eastern UK and stronger winds, 90-160 km/h over Scotland.

Source: WeatherOnline UK

Another focused area in the SLGT risk area of Day 1 Outlook 9/10/2013 is northern Algeria, where rapid development of severe storms is occuring, these storms are in favorable unstable and sheared environment for supercellular mode, posing threat for large hail and strong/severe winds.


Follow satellite and UK radar pages for the latest data.

Funnel cloud near Dubrovnik, Croatia - Oct 9, 13:00 UTC
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Supercells and tornado in Puglia region, south Italy - October 9, 2013
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