A major flooding of river Cecina has been reported this morning from Saline di Volterra in Toscana region within the SLGT+ risk area of DAY 1 Outlook for 24/10/2013. Numerous houses and cars were flooded:

Major flooding in Saline di Volterra. Source: Meteo Toscana

A video of major flooding in Saline di Volterra. Source: Valerio Genesoni / MeteoWeb.eu / Meteo Toscana

Very heavy rainfall with 100mm in 3 hours between 5-8am local time (03 – 06 UTC) brought rapid rising water levels of river Cecina:

Heavy rainfall at Volterra station in last hours. Source: cfr.toscana.it

Hydrogpraphs reveals a typical flash floods conditions, with impressive rising waters above critical levels for flooding:

Cecina a Montegemoli hydrograph. Source: cfr.toscana.it

Era a Molino d’Era hydrograph. Source: cfr.toscana.it

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