Western and central Alps are experiencing hurricane force southerly Foehn winds today. Winds in excess of 200 km/h have been reported and a large area is experiencing winds gusting well above 100 km/h. Currently the highest wind speeds have been reported at: Lauberhorn (Switzerland) 224 km/h and Zugspitze (Germany) 174 km/h. More values to follow soon.

The Foehnstorm will gradually shift eastwards during the afternoon, beginning to weaken by late afternoon today. The area of today’s windstorm was included in the SLGT, ENH and MDT risk areas over the Alps in today’s Severe Weather Outlook.

Below is are the peak wind gusts as forecast by the ICON model for early afternoon today:

Christian Hunkeler‎ reported hurricane force winds at Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland, gusting at 180 km/h this morning.

German weather reporter Marco Kaschuba reports winds gusting up to 170 km/h in Brülisau, Switzerland: