Parts of Greece and Turkey received intense sea-effect snowfall from the Aegean and Black seas over the past several days. Numerous islands and mainland coast of the Aegean sea in Greece and western Turkey as well as the Marmara region received copious amounts of snow. Snow cover depth in some places exceeded 1 m! The intense snowfall is caused by the large, persisting cutoff low, which formed during the intense polar blast across eastern into southeastern Europe and eastern Mediterranean last week. Northerly and northeasterly winds advected cold airmass across the Black sea, the Marmara sea and the Aegean sea caused locally intense convective snow showers.

Morning analysis revealed the large cutoff low centered over western Turkey, moving southwestward. The cutoff low is expected to to gradually weaken over the next two days as a new trough pushes from the northwest across central Europe and into E-CNTRL Mediterranean.

We received numerous reports of very intense snowfall in these areas.

We thank our readers who provided reports. More reports are being received and will be added through the day.

Follow snowfall in Greece and Turkey on radar:

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