An intense polar trough is affecting northern Scandinavia this morning, for which a SLGT risk area for Day 1 Outlook for 15/10/2013 has been assigned. Strong to severe winds are hitting the coastal areas of Finnmark, Norland and Troms regions of Norway. Wind gusts between 80 and 100 km/h have already been reported. Threat should continue for a few more hours while spreading further south towards northern Sweden‘s region Norrbotten County later today.

The satellite image showing the polar trough approaching northern Scandinavia with a lot of cold maritime airmass behind the main core.

Satellite image: Meteorologisk Institutt /

Radar scans in the last hours, showing a surface low with heavy precipitation organized in two bands rapidly approaching the coastal areas and hitting it after 8am CET (6:00 UTC).

Radar scan at 05:00 UTC. Source:

Radar scan at 06:30 UTC. Source:

Radar scan at 07:30 UTC. Source:

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