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Impressive snowfall limit seen on mt. Montasio – Nov 6, 15:15 UTC

Below is the view towards the mt. Montasio, which is located in, Friuli, NE Italy. As seen on the webcam photo, a very well-defined snowfall limit is noticed as clouds cleared in the last hours:

Webcam image of mt. Montasio. Source:

Meanwhile, the N-NW Alpine flank is receiving heavy snowfall today as strong NW winds are lifting humid airmass into the mountainous terrain, satellite image / animation reveal a constant advection of airmass from Germany onto the Alps.

Latest VIS satellite image with marked main Alpine chain (while line) and cold NW winds (blue arrows). Source: EUMETSAT /

Latest radar image across Europe. Source:

A WNTR risk of DAY 1 Outlook for 06/11/2013 has been issued for NNW Alps with threat for excessive fresh snowfall there today.

Follow the ongoing storm activity today with Germany radar, Austria radar and satellite pages.

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