Hurricane force Bora winds have developed over NW Croatia, W Slovenia and extreme NE Italy as expected. The ongoing rex block, with the high pressure area over central Europe and the cutoff low over the central Mediterranean combine to produce very strong Bora over the Adriatic sea region. Maximum reported gusts (preliminary) were up to 187 km/h in Slovenia, up to 216 km/h in Croatia (Krk Island, yesterday – likely exceeded today around Pag Bridge) and over 140 km/h in Trieste gulf, Italy. More data is being gathered.

We reported live from Bakarac, near Krk Island, Croatia yesterday, as peak gusts reached approximately 160-170 km/h, possibly more.

Today we reported live through Aleksandar Gospić from Pag bridge, Croatia, where gusts are reported to have exceeded 200 km/h.

We have also received reports from our readers on the coast of the Adriatic sea:

The intense Bora winds are the result of the strong rex block pattern, with a strong ridge over central Europe and the cutoff low over central Mediterranean. The airmass flows around the eastern Alps across Slovenia and Croatia, reaching hurricane force as makes the sharp drop of up to 1500 m from the plateaus of the Dinarides to the coast of the Adriatic sea.

For the forecast of the hurricane force Bora winds see our outlook.