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HIGH risk for severe wind threat verified across the W Europe – Oct 28, 17:30 UTC

A severe wind storm, named Christian, has hit western Europe badly with damaging severe wind gusts. Numerous fallen/uprooted trees, grounded flights, several fatalities, flooding and extensive damage are a result of very powerful storm system which rapidly developed last night over eastern Atlantic and swept through the western Europe. Wind gusts between 120 and 170 km/h have been reported across a broad area, while coastal areas of NW Germany experienced wind gusts up to 193 km/h. Truly a remarkable damaging storm in the last decades! Satellite imagery showed an impressive storm structure of this powerful system, centered over North Sea this afternoon.

VIS satellite image of severe wind storm crossing W Europe. Source: EUMETSAT /

Severe Weather Europe issued a HIGH risk yesterday, expecting a violent wind storm today. Below is the approximate overlay of HIGH risk area over the measured wind gusts in western Europe.

Verification of HIGH risk. Source: Wind gusts – / Outlook –

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