Several rounds of multicell clusters have been ongoing through the day in southern Italy, precisely in the Puglia region which was included in MDT risk area of Day 1 Outlook 7/10/2013 for severe weather threat today. Here are several 24-hour rainfall accumulations in Puglia region:

  • 227mm Corigliano d’Otranto
  • 164mm Felline
  • 161mm Gallipoli
  • 156mm Brindisi
  • 151mm Maglie
  • 145mm Cavallino
  • 142mm Lequile
  • 138mm Soleto
  • 136mm San Gregorio
  • 130mm Lecce


In the last hours, looks like another round of storms is slowly merging towards Puglia this evening, radar/lightning imagery showing a slowly northward moving storm cluster with additional heavy rain/flash floods threat over the same areas that received large amount of rainfall earlier today.

Source: Protezione Civile Italy

More rather stationary storms are forming under the cold core upper low rotating over Sardinia and Corsica, these storms should produce a few waterspouts within steep LL lapse rates and moderate instability.


Follow the ongoing storms on satellite and Italy radar pages.