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Strong SW winds are advecting warm and humid airmass with unseasonably warm temperatures/dewpoits from central Mediterranean into the southern Alpine region. Resulting in heavy and excessive orographic rainfall in the slopes of Apennini and Dynaric mountain ranges. High amounts of rain have been reported locally within the SLGT risk of DAY 1 Outlook for 03/11/2013 which has been placed for excessive rainfall and strong wind threat. Additionally, wind gusts in excess of 100 km/h have also been reported from several stations in higher elevations.

24-hour rainfall total in Liguria region. source: Meteoliguria.it

Total rain amounts withn the last 24 hours until 13 UTC today…

Toscana region:

  • 117.2 mm – Parana
  • 99.8 mm – Monte Macina
  • 96.9 mm – Camparina
  • 93.6 mm – Lago Paduli
  • 79.6 mm – Orto di Donna
  • 77.6 mm – Bosco di Rossano
  • 77.2 mm – Passo del Cerreto
  • 76.9 mm – Pietra Piccata

Emilia Romagna region:

  • 129.5 mm – Casoni di Santa Maria di Taro
  • 112.2 mm – Tarsogno
  • 95.2 mm – Lago Ballano
  • 90.0 mm – Lago Paduli
  • 71.2 mm – Lago Scaffaiolo

NE Italy, W Slovenia, NW Croatia:

  • 112.0 mm – Platak (NW CRO)
  • 83.4 mm – Uccea (NE ITA)
  • 75.2 mm – Zatolmin (W SLO)
  • 73.6 mm – Crni Vrh (W SLO)
  • 73.4 mm – Gran Monte (NE ITA)

Here are some graphs from Emilia Romagna stations where a SLGT risk of DAY 1 Outlook for 03/11/2013 has been placed for excessive rainfall threat.

Station Tarsogno. Source: arpa.emr.it

Station Casoni di Santa Maria di Tano. Source: arpa.emr.it

Station Lago Ballano. Source: arpa.emr.it

And some from Toscana region:

Station Lago Paduli. Source: cfr.toscana.it

Station Parana. Source: cfr.toscana.it

Follow the ongoing system on Italy radar, Austria radar, Slovenia radar, Croatia radar and satellite pages.

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