Satellite and radar imagery shows first storms initiating in the MDT risk area of Day 1 outlook of 20/10/2013 on the Ligurian coast of Italy. Thunderstorms initiating on the surface convergence offshore Genova have considerable potential to become tornadic supercells. Conditions are favourable with SSE surface winds reaching 15 kt (and expected to strengthen in the mid/late afteroon), resulting in moderate low level shear and veering with a 35 kt SW mid-level jet. High dewpoints and consequent very low LCLs enhance the potential for tornadoes. Besides this, expect enhanced threat for very high rainfall amounts in the area over the next 24 hours further inland towards the Apenninian slopes, with considerable threat for flash floods.

Visible satellite image of storm cluster along the Ligurian coast. Source:

Training cells over Rapallo, Italy. Source: ARPA Piemonte

Intense storm cluster SE of Genova, Italy. Source: Protezione Civile Italy

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