Excessive precipitation and flooding is being reported from Galicia, Spain. InfoMeteoTuit reports flooding in Pontevedra, Galicia by Twitter. Galicia is part of SLGT risk area of DAY 1 Outlook for 2/11/2013

Flooding in Pontevedra. Source: InfoMeteoTuit / SoniaPorto4 (twitter)

Here are the rainfall amounts within the last 24 hours (12 – 12 UTC) over Galicia region:

  • 92.2 mm – A Lama (Pontevedra)
  • 70.6 mm – A Estrada (Pontevedra)
  • 57.8 mm – Beariz (Ourense)
  • 43.8 mm – Becerrea (Lugo)
  • 38.9 mm – Carballiño (Ourense)

Additionally, strong SW winds are battering the Galicia region, as stations are reporting wind gusts between 60 and 80 km/h today.

Follow the ongoing storm activity in Spain with radar and satellite imagery.