Post-tropical storm Ophelia made landfall in southern Ireland early this afternoon with storm to hurricane force winds. The extreme SW Ireland was likely hit by a sting jet. Damage has been reported from a number of locations.

Some preliminary peak wind gust speed values so far:

  • 191 km/h – Fastnet Lighthouse
  • 155 km/h – Roches Point
  • 138 km/h – Waterford Airport
  • 135 km/h – Bouee 60023 (off SSE Ireland)
  • 124 km/h – Cork Airport
  • 119 km/h – Valentia
  • 119 km/h – Sherkin Island

Peak wind gust field is now shifting ENE-wards: expect the strongest winds in SE-E Ireland over the next few hours. Up to 135 km/h, stronger at higher elevations and in exposed areas.

AROME model guidance for peak wind gusts in the mid-afternoon as Ophelia moves NE-wards. Map:

Some reports

Stay tuned for further updates!