A well organized surface cyclone is crossing parts of northern Germany and the Netherlands today. It is accompanied by heavy rain and strong winds. Latest reports showing that wind gusts up to 95 km/h have been measured across the costal areas of North Sea. The frontal system is expected to continue furter east towards Poland today. More heavy rain showers, accompanied with strong winds are expected to spread across the SLGT risk area for Day 1 Outlook for 17/10/2013. Some isolated storms are possible as well.

Frontal system with several bands of heavy rain crossing northern Germany. Source: http://wind.met.fu-berlin.de

Here are two visible satellite images, showing an organized cyclone coming from the North Sea into northern Germany.

Impressive satellite image of cyclone crossing North Sea this morning. Source: EUMETSAT

Visible satellite image of cyclone entering NW Germany, 11:00 UTC. Source: EUMETSAT / sat24.com

Maximum wind gusts measured today until 11:00 UTC, showing peak gusts close to the coastal areas of northern Netherlands and NW Germany exceeding 90 km/h.

Maximum wind gusts, Germany, until 11:00 UTC today. Source: WeatherOnline.co.uk

Follow the ongoing activity on UK radar, Belgium radar, Netherlands radar as well as on Germany radar and satellite imagery pages.