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Cyclone Phailin made landfall with winds over 200 km/h

The India Meteorological Department confirmed that Phailin made landfall in Gopalpur this evening with winds over 200 km/h. This is equal to a strong category 3 hurricane. The approach of Phailin, one of the most powerful historical cyclones in the region, has led to the evacuation of about 500,000 people.

Very strong winds well over 160 km/h and flooding rain of at least 200 mm, targeted a large area spanning the site of the cyclone’s landfall. A high storm surge of 4-6 meters may have swamped the coast near the point of landfall. For much of Friday night into early Saturday afternoon, Phailin had been the equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane or super typhoon, but due to an incomplete ERC (eyewall replacement cycle) the storm weakened prior to reaching land.

Further to the east there are currently 2 active typhoons, Nari and Wipha, while the Atlantic hurricane season remains quiet, reaching near record low activity.

Typhoon Nari

Typhoon Wipha

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