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Cold front progressing across the Balkan peninsula – Oct 16, 13:30 UTC

A well-defined cold frontal boundary is crossing the Balkans and Adriatic sea, with numerous storms bringing heavy rain, some hail and strong winds across the SLGT risk area for Day 1 Outlook for 16/10/2013 assigned for these regions. Additional organized storm clusters, including intense multicells and supercells are expected along the front advancing further SSE this afternoon. Strongly unstable and moderately sheared environment remains in place across the warm sector, despite the severe storms that crossing the region earlier today. Additional threat for flash floods, large hail, severe winds and even tornadoes exist this evening and overnight when strong forcing will overspread the regions of Greece and Crete and Aegean sea into SW Turkey where a MDT risk area for Day 1 Outlook for 16/10/2013 has been issued.


Another interesting synoptic feature today is the a cold front crossing western Europe as can be seen in satellite and radar imagery. It brings strong winds and heavy rain especially over UK where SLGT risk area for Day 1 Outlook for 16/10/2013 have been asigned as well.



Follow the ongoing storm activity on UK radar, France radar, Belgium radar, Netherlands radar as well as on Greece radar and satellite imagery pages.

Outlook day 1 (valid: 16/10/2013)
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