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An impressive surface cyclone over the UK – Nov 2, 12:00 UTC

A strong cyclone is crossing the UK and Ireland today, where a SLGT+ risk of DAY 1 Outlook for 02/11/2013 has been issued. The central pressure of this cyclone is slightly below 980 mb according to the latest SYNOP/METAR data analysis. It is currently centered over northern Ireland.

Surface analysis at 11 UTC. Source:

Visible satellite scan of UK. Source: EUMETSAT /

Latest satellite and radar imagery reveal an impressive structure of the cyclone, with cold front bringing heavy rain and strong / severe winds with its shallow convective line moving east. More strong to severe winds are coming behind the cold front. Some storms are forming close to the surface low centre NE of Ireland moving towards north UK / southern Scotland.

Latest radar scan. Source:

Visible satellite scan of W Europe. Source: EUMETSAT

Follow the ongoing system on UK radar, Ireland radar, France radar and satellite pages.

Outlook day 1 (valid: 02/11/2013)
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Outlook day 3-5 (valid: 05/11/2013 – 07/11/2013)
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