With a broad upper trough sitting over central Europe and Mediterranean, a lot of severe weather is on going around Italy again. Here is an impressive visible satellite image of a cold front spreading NE across the central Mediterranean where a MDT risk of DAY 1 Outlook for 19/11/2013 was issued, expecting severe weather to continue today. Satellite image reveals several intense severe storms are aligned along the front from S Adriatic sea into the Ionian sea. Those are very likely supercells given the favorable veering wind profiles and high instability overlaping together.


Another very impressive feature on the satellite is the well-defined surface low, currently centered just SW of Sardinia island. Its expected to quite rapidly move NE across the MDT risk of DAY 1 Outlook for 19/11/2013 placed over Tyrrhenian sea and central Italy into the N-CNTRL Adriatic overnight and tomorrow morning. Very heavy rain and severe winds are expected.

Aside from this, several funnel clouds, tornadoes, waterspouts and major flooding have already been reported so far today, more reports are collecting and we will update with photo / video material later this afternoon. Find the first reports of severe weather across Italy here:

Follow the ongoing activity on Italy radar and satellite pages.