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Additional excessive rain overnight over Liguria, Toscana and Emilia Romagna regions – Oct 24, 06:50 UTC

A large cluster of storms mentioned in the update yesterday’s evening, was travelling across the SLGT+ risk area of DAY 1 Outlook for 24/10/2013 and brought excessive rainfall over the region. Some flash floods damage has been reported especially from Liguria so far.

12-hour rainfall amount across Liguria region. Source:

12-hour rainfall amount across Toscana region. Source:

Here are a couple of tabular station data from Liguria, Toscana and Emilia Romagna regions overnight (accumulated rain last 12 hours between 23/10/2013 18 UTC and 24/10/2013 06 UTC):

  • 222.8 mm – Lagdei
  • 172.0 mm – Rocca Sigillina
  • 162.2 mm – Bosco di Corniglio
  • 123.0 mm – La Foce
  • 112.4 mm – Marra
  • 104.8 mm – Volterra
  • 104.0 mm – Ricco del Golfo
  • 86.6 mm – Pracchia
  • 76.2 mm – Gavigno
  • 72.4 mm – Firenzuola
  • 71.1 mm – Treppio

80mm in one hour at La Foce station in Liguria. Source:

Additional storms, including some maintaining multicell clusters and some rotating storms seem likely along the frontal boundary slowly moving towards central Italy today. Threat for heavy rain and a tornado is in place. Storms over Ligurian bay could produce some waterspouts given the weaker wind field and good LL buoyancy.

Excessive rain along the frontal boundary. Source: Protezione Civile Italy

Latest VIS satellite scan. Source: EUMETSAT

Follow the ongoing activity on Italy radar, Slovenia radar and satellite pages.

A cluster of intense storms forms over Ligurian sea - Oct 23, 21:50 UTC
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