An intense line of storms has developed this morning over the Ligurian sea, rather rapidly spreading NE onshore to north Italy. Torrential rainfall, large hail and strong to severe winds are possible within these storms, as strong shear and moderate instability are overlaping together across the SLGT risk area of DAY 1 Outlook for 29/10/2013. Given the good LL wind field along the coast, tornado or two seem reasonably possible too.

Latest radar scan over Liguria. Source:

Visible satellite image reveals a deep convective towers of the storm cluster over Liguria region of northern Italy:

VIS satellite image. Source: EUMETSAT

Some additional imagery of the storm cluster, bringing severe threat into the region this morning.

Current lightning activity. Source:

Latest radar scan of N Italy. Source: Protezione Civile Italy

Severe storms should conitnue maitaining while spreading onshore and eastwards across the northern Italy.

Follow the ongoing storm cluster on Italy radar, Austria radar, Slovenia radar and satellite pages.