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Saharan dust comes into parts of southern, eastern and southeastern Europe towards the end of the week!

A new cutoff low moves into the Mediterranean towards the end of week, pushing a new wave of Saharan dust into southern, southeastern and eastern Europe. Current model guidance suggests quite significant dust loads.

After several waves of thick Saharan dust for southeastern Europe and eastern-central Mediterranean, a new wave pushes significantly more to the north and the west, affecting a much larger part of Europe.

Latest model guidance indicates a wave of Saharan dust advecting with southwesterlies across the central Mediterranean / Tyrrhenian sea into the Adriatic region and western Balkans by late on Friday. The main dust concentration pushes into eastern Balkans and Ukraine on Saturday, while behind it a corridor of dust establishes across the central Mediterranean, the Ionian sea, southern Italy and into southeastern Europe.

Maps: University of Athens – SKIRON model.

Check back for updates on this upcoming event!

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