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A powerful blocking ridge with an intense ‘heatwave’ develops over eastern Europe this week

A dynamic weather pattern continues this week, with a deep long-wave upper-level trough over the west-southwest and central Europe while to the east, an extensive upper ridge develops. This pattern brings a lot of rain (and snow) into the Alpine region, while it results in an extreme temperature anomaly across eastern Europe.

Wednesday, Nov 13th – A large upper trough with several deep cold cores dominate W, SW and S-CNTRL Europe while upper ridging develops over the E Europe and W Russia. This brings strong warm advection across the E Balkans, Black Sea region and E Europe with anomalies of more than 12-14 °C above normal.

Thursday, Nov 14th – An upper trough over WSW Europe significantly strengthens, and so does the upper ridge across W Russia. Much warmer airmass advects into E Europe from the Mediterranean and combines with a descending airmass within a large ridge /high-pressure system and results in exceptionally extreme temperature anomaly – eastern parts of Europe, parts of Baltic region and W Russia will be extremely warm, locally even more than 16 °C above normal for mid November! Cooler temperatures spread across the western half of Europe at the same time.

Friday, Nov 15th – the upper trough with deep and large upper core remains very intense over thew SW Europe, resulting in strong jet-stream on its eastern flank towards the Alps and the Balkans. To the east, a powerful upper ridge dominates W Russia and brings another very warm day. Temperature anomalies will again be more than 15 °C across E Europe while further east, closer to the center of the ridge, anomalies will climb close to 20 °C above normal! Undoubtedly, a remarkable ‘heatwave’ for late autumn!

5-day period temperature anomaly across Europe reveals our continent will be divided into two half this week – colder over the WSW parts and warmer across the eastern parts.

Stay tuned for additional details in the coming days!

Meanwhile in the Unites States – an intense Arctic outbreak is ongoing:

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