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Cold push into W-CNTRL Europe over the next few days

A wave of cold Arctic maritime air will push into western and central Europe in the next several days, reaching as far south as southern Spain, western and central Mediterranean and into northwestern Africa. Air temperatures at 850 mbar level (~1500 m) will be up to 10 °C colder than average for this period, locally even colder.

Map of 850 mbar (~1500 m altitude) temperature anomaly for Friday, GFS model guidance. Map: Tropical Tidbits.

In addition to cooler temperatures, the cold push will also bring snowfall to much of central Europe, the northern Mediterranean region. Particularly strong snowfall is expected over the southern Alps, northern Apennines and northwestern Dinarides, as a cutoff Genoa low will form over the northern Meditterranean region, producing another round of strong snowfall. Also some significant snowfall across northern Spain.

Map total snowfall across Europe by Saturday morning, ARPEGE model guidance. Map:

As the cold core cutoff (Genoa) upper low forms over central Mediterranean and northern Africa by the weekend, it will affect the entire region with cooler than average weather.

Map of 850 mbar (~1500 m altitude) temperature anomaly for Sunday, GFS model guidance. Map: Tropical Tidbits.

Stay tuned for updates and more detailed outlooks for snowfall across various regions of Europe.