Right next to one of Europe’s tornado hot spots – Italy – Croatia gets numerous tornadoes too! In particular, the coastal area on the Adriatic sea gets many waterspouts, and large tornadoes do occur as well.

Tornadoes in the coastal part of Croatia are mainly driven by the very warm and moist air over the Adriatic sea. Mesocyclonic tornadoes mostly occur between May and October, as frontal systems frequently produce supercells which push into Istra and Kvarner area. Late summer and autumn months produce many non-mesocyclonic waterspouts, as the waters of the Adriatic sea are still very warm, while mid-levels are already cooling. Some tornadoes are reported also in winter and spring months. Fun fact: waterspout translates to pijavica in Croatian.

If you are going for holidays in Croatia, keep the weather in mind and keep a camera handy, you might catch an unexpected weather souvenier!

July 27, 2014 Orebić (wedge/multivortex?) tornado

It may start small, but by 3:00 into the video it is growing extremely rapidly! Textbook tornadic supercell structure visible at times. And – this guy is probably lucky to be alive.

Waterspouts (mostly non-mesocyclonic)

And some supercells along the coast of Istra, NW Croatia