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Waterspouts along the western coast of Italy – July 11-12, 2018

Several waterspouts were reported along the western coast of Italy yesterday and today, including one that made landfall Read more

Argalasti / Paltsi beach, Greece waterspouts – July 15, 2014

Greece saw some of the best waterspouts this season today. Several large waterspouts formed offshore Argalasti / Paltsi beach, Read more

Multiple waterspouts in Sabaudia, Italy – November 25, 2013

A spectacular family of three waterspouts appeared offshore Sabaudia, Italy on November 25. The event was reported by ESSL. Source: Read more

Waterspouts off the coast of Sicily near Palermo – November 25, 2013

Several waterspouts formed offshore Sicily near Palermo today. The event was photographed by Alessio Lo Sardo and reported Read more

Waterspout in Riva Trigoso, Liguria, Italy – November 21, 2013

Yet another waterspout has been reported from the west coast of Italy on November 21, 2013. It formed in Riva Trigoso, Liguria Read more