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Very hot weather in parts of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy today – August 6, 2018

Very hot weather continues across much of western and parts of central Europe today. Temperatures will be in the upper 30s, Read more

Severe thunderstorms pounded north Italy this weekend

Severe thunderstorms hit north Italy this weekend, producing severe winds and intense hailstorms. North Italy is one of Read more

Scorching heat: nearly 30 °C well inside the Arctic circle

Scandinavia is experiencing hot weather: places well within the Arctic circle hit temperatures close to 30 °C! Peak Read more

Very warm weather across Great Britain and Ireland

Great Britain and Ireland are enjoying very warm weather: and it is going to continue for several more days. Expect temperatures Read more

Post-tropical cyclone Ophelia to hit Ireland today – update (8:30 UTC)

Post-tropical cyclone Ophelia will make landfall in Ireland late this morning to early afternoon. Expect a very severe and Read more