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Cutoff low brings thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and numerous waterspouts to Italy, Slovenia and Croatia

A large and complex cutoff cyclone formed over the northern & central Mediterranean after frontal passage on September 16. Read more

Heavy excessive rainfall over Apennini and Dynaric mountains – Nov 3, 13:45 UTC

Strong SW winds are advecting warm and humid airmass with unseasonably warm temperatures/dewpoits from central Mediterranean Read more

Major flooding in Saline di Volterra, Toscana – Oct 24, 08:10 UTC

A major flooding of river Cecina has been reported this morning from Saline di Volterra in Toscana region within the SLGT+ Read more

Additional excessive rain overnight over Liguria, Toscana and Emilia Romagna regions – Oct 24, 06:50 UTC

A large cluster of storms mentioned in the update yesterday's evening, was travelling across the SLGT+ risk area of DAY 1 Read more

A cluster of intense storms forms over Ligurian sea – Oct 23, 21:50 UTC

A large cluster of intense storms has formed over the Ligurian sea, just SW of Genova, Italy where a MDT risk areas of DAY Read more