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Will it be smoky tomorrow morning where you live? Smoke from Iberian fires shifts eastward

For two days, smoke from Iberian fires combined with Saharan dust to produce eerie skies over western and parts of central Read more

GALLERY: Smoke from wildfires in northern Spain, Portugal blocks out the Sun over UK and parts of France

The skies over parts of United Kingdom and France turned eerie dark orange under a thick smoke that blocked out the Sun. Read more

BeNeLux, north Germany, parts of Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Baltic states under thick smoke from fires in north Spain and Portugal today

Residents of northern Germany, Benelux, southern Scandinavia and as far as the Baltic states awoke to a hazy sky this morning, Read more

Sun in parts of UK and France blocked out the smoke from wildfires in Spain and Portugal

People in much of UK and western France woke up this morning to an eerie sight: the sky covered in thick orange and brownish Read more

A powerful eruption of stratovolcano Etna in Sicily, Italy this morning – Oct 26, 10:45 UTC

Mount Etna, a stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy has erupted this morning around 6am local time. There are Read more