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VIDEO GALLERY: Post-tropical storm Ophelia raging across Ireland (15 videos)

Looking at various video reports on Ophelia raging along the coast and inland Ireland on Monday: the windstorm packed winds Read more

Ophelia affecting central and northern UK, moving northeast; update and recap of today’s events (19:20 UTC)

Cyclone Ophelia is moving northeastward, affecting parts of the UK and Ireland with storm force winds. It is gradually weakening. Read more

Damaging storm to hurricane-force winds reported in S Ireland – first data & video reports (Part 1)

Post-tropical storm Ophelia made landfall in southern Ireland early this afternoon with storm to hurricane force winds. The Read more

Ophelia makes landfall in S Ireland with storm to hurricane force winds – update (12:00 UTC)

Post-tropical storm Ophelia makes landfall in southern Ireland early this afternoon - peak winds reported so far: 191 km/h Read more

Sting jet likely developing on Ophelia: 191 km/h gust recorded at Fastnet lighthouse, SW Ireland

Peak wind gusts of 191 km/h / 103 kt have already been reported at Fastnet Lighthouse, SW Ireland at 9:56 UTC! This is an Read more