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Temperatures soar to 33 °C far inside the Arctic circle – July 17, 2018

Yesterday was another exceptionally warm day across northern Europe, with temperatures again pushing well above 30 °C far Read more

Extremely heavy precipitation over parts of the Alps, northern Apennines and northern Dinarides over the next 48-72 hours

Strong warm air advection with southerlies and southwesterlies, caused by successive deep lows over central Europe will cause Read more

Post-tropical cyclone Ophelia to hit Ireland today – update (8:30 UTC)

Post-tropical cyclone Ophelia will make landfall in Ireland late this morning to early afternoon. Expect a very severe and Read more

Widespread Noctilucent Clouds over Europe – July 2/3, 2017

Noctilucent clouds were observed across large parts of the northern half of Europe! Noctilucent clouds are very different Read more

Probable tornado in Landouzy-la-Cour, France – October 20, 2013

Another probable tornado has been reported in Landouzy-la-Cour, France on October 20, 2013. Severe winds damaged the roofs Read more