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Intense flash floods hit Western Attica, Greece, November 15, 2017

Major flash floods hit Western Attica, Greece yesterday morning after a night of intense rainfall. Floding hit the towns Read more

Numerous major wildfires hit Portugal and Spain

Numerous wildfires are currently raging in Portugal and NW Spain. There are approximately 440 ongoing fires in Portugal, Read more

Major magnitude 7.1 earthquake hits Mexico

A major, magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Mexico late yesterday, September 19. Particularly hard hit was the Puebla region. Preliminary Read more

Category 5 Hurricane Maria now tracking towards Puerto Rico

The Category 5 Hurricane Maria is now tracking for landfall on Puerto Rico. The powerful hurricane packs 165 mph (270 km/h) Read more

Category 5 Hurricane Maria slams into Dominica

The tiny sovereign island country Dominica got a direct hit by the Category 5 Hurricane Maria. At the time of landfall the Read more