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Powerful Arctic blast towards central Europe and N Mediterranean this weekend – UPDATED!

Here we go, yet another powerful cold outbreak is expected this weekend as a deep trough coming in from the Northern Europe Read more

Freezing Danube river, Venice lagoon, Lake Balaton in the ongoing arctic blast

The deep sub-zero temperatures that enveloped the eastern and southeastern Europe in the second half of the past week in Read more

Beautiful snowflake and ice crystal photos submitted by our readers

Sometimes the most enchanting beauty of weather events is hidden in near the microscopic realm. Such is the case with snowflakes Read more

Approaching comet ISON – Comet of the Century? Well …

Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) is generating plenty of media attention and hype. Touted as the Comet of the Century, some spectacular Read more

High snow coverage in the north hemisphere

This year, snow coverage is above normal weeks ahead of last year which ranked the 4th snowiest on record. Also well above Read more