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Tornado reported near Würzburg, Germany – March 9, 2017

A significant and certainly very photogenic tornado has been reported near Würzburg, Germany this afternoon. A number of Read more

Cutoff low brings thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and numerous waterspouts to Italy, Slovenia and Croatia

A large and complex cutoff cyclone formed over the northern & central Mediterranean after frontal passage on September 16. Read more

Spectacular supercell over Zurawica, Poland on April 7, 2016

An impressive early season supercell thunderstorm formed over SE Poland, between Rzeszów and Zurawica in the late afternoon Read more

Mutliple tornadoes in north Italy, between Modena and Bologna today, April 30, 2014

A number of tornadoes hit the western edge of the Po valley, north Italy today, between Bologna and Modena. Conditions were Read more

Waterspout in San Román, Spain – November 18, 2013

A waterspout has been reported in San Román, Spain by ESSL. The event occured yesterday morning around 9:30 UTC. Several Read more