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Big debris flow hits Chamoson, Switzerland – August 7, 2018

A damaging debris flow hit the village of Chamoson, Switzerland late afternoon yesterday, August 7. It was caused by locally Read more

Intense flash floods hit various parts of Europe this week

The jetstream has been fragmented and weak across Europe over the past week or so, lowering the chances of organized thunderstorms. Read more

Intense wet downburst and flooding in Zaragoza, Spain – July 11, 2018

A severe thunderstorm hit Zaragoza, northeast Spain in the afternoon of July 11. Severe winds caused damage, as trees fell Read more

Cutoff low to bring severe thunderstorms, torrential rainfall and flooding to parts of Greece – June 26-27, 2018

A large cutoff low is positioned over the central Mediterranean, bringing unsettled weather to the region. Intense rainfall Read more

Intense flash floods hit Western Attica, Greece, November 15, 2017

Major flash floods hit Western Attica, Greece yesterday morning after a night of intense rainfall. Floding hit the towns Read more