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Cyclone crossing N UK – Nov 7, 13:00 UTC

A well-defined cyclone is crossing the N UK today, bringing heavy rain and strong to severe winds towards Scotland lately. Read more

An impressive surface cyclone over the UK – Nov 2, 12:00 UTC

A strong cyclone is crossing the UK and Ireland today, where a SLGT+ risk of DAY 1 Outlook for 02/11/2013 has been issued. Read more

Intense wind storm enters west Europe – Oct 27, 21:30 UTC

Rapid cyclogenesis is taking place just SW of United Kingdom, with the warm front spreading heavy rain into NW France and Read more

The first of two powerful cyclones entering the western Europe today – Oct 26, 11:15 UTC

An impressive satellite presentation of the powerful cyclone is visible today, as the first of two intense cyclones that Read more

Cyclone with heavy rain and strong winds crossing northern Germany – Oct 17, 12:00 UTC

A well organized surface cyclone is crossing parts of northern Germany and the Netherlands today. It is accompanied by heavy Read more