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The first of two powerful cyclones entering the western Europe today – Oct 26, 11:15 UTC

An impressive satellite presentation of the powerful cyclone is visible today, as the first of two intense cyclones that

Cyclone with heavy rain and strong winds crossing northern Germany – Oct 17, 12:00 UTC

A well organized surface cyclone is crossing parts of northern Germany and the Netherlands today. It is accompanied by heavy

High rainfall accumulations in the Netherlands today – Oct 13, 18:00 UTC

Across the western Netherlands, included in the SLGT risk for Day 1 Outlook for 13/10/2013, high rainfall accumulation occured

Impressive satellite presentation of deepening low in SW North Sea – Oct 13, 11:00 UTC

An impressive surface cyclone is rotating between Netherlands and UK today, with a few storms with threat for heavy rain

Cyclone Phailin made landfall with winds over 200 km/h

The India Meteorological Department confirmed that Phailin made landfall in Gopalpur this evening with winds over 200 km/h.