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Cutoff low over central Europe to bring persistent rainfall, severe thunderstorms – July 10, 2018

A cutoff low is rotating over central Europe and will bring persistent rainfall and locally severe thunderstorms to the region. The Read more

More dust across the eastern Mediterranean region on Tuesday, March 27

Dust activity that engulfed parts of Greece on Thursday and again today continues tomorrow. We take a look at where Sahran Read more

Major amounts of Saharan dust for Greece, southern Italy, Albania, FYR Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey on Sunday and Monday – update

Cyclone Hugo, now in the western Mediterranean is kicking up a major dust storm for the central and eastern Mediterranean Read more

Greece will be choked by another round of thick Saharan dust on Sunday, expect dust also in S Italy, the Balkans and W Turkey

A new round of thick Saharan dust will be moving from north Africa into eastern and central Mediterranean starting tonight. Read more

Saharan dust outlook for the Mediterranean and southeastern Europe today – March 23, 2018

More Saharan dust is expected across the central and eastern Mediterranean and southeastern Europe over the next few days. Read more