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Severe weather outbreak across the Alpine region possible, July 20th

A significant outbreak of severe thunderstorms is possible today over a broad zone stretching from eastern and southern France Read more

Cutoff low over central Europe to bring persistent rainfall, severe thunderstorms – July 10, 2018

A cutoff low is rotating over central Europe and will bring persistent rainfall and locally severe thunderstorms to the region. The Read more

A new Arctic blast towards central Europe and Mediterranean early next week

Models are in good agreement for a new cold Arctic blast towards the central Europe and Mediterranean later this weekend Read more

Most noteworthy severe weather events in Europe: a review – July 2017

A number of noteworthy severe weather events happened across Europe in July. Severe hailstorms were frequent, particularly Read more

Spectacular mud flow captured in Pians, Tyrol, Austria – July 30, 2017

A spectacular, textbook mud flow was captured on cameras in Pians, Tyrol, W Austria yesterday afternoon, July 30. A mud Read more