Saturday, April 9, 2016 saw some impressive thunderstorm activity over the Mediterranean region and the Balkans with many reports made by storm chasers, spotters and photographers. Minor hailstorms were reported from Northern Ireland.

Almost 15 000 lightning strikes were recorded across Europe on April 9. Photo: Danijel Palčić via our partners

Great photographs of lightning on the storms along Adriatic sea coast over the Kvarner Gulf and northern Dalmatia were posted by numerous Croatian storm chasers and photographers. Find the full gallery here.

Lightning storm over Proboj, Pag Island, Croatia on April 9. Photo: Danijel Palčić via our partners Crometeo

North Italy saw its first significant round of thunderstorms as a squall line formed in Emilia Romagna. Numerous photographs of well-structured storms were posted, and several locations including Imola and Modena were hit by non-severe hailstorms. Find more details and photographs here.

Beautiful shelf cloud on a thunderstorm over Imola. Photo: Mattia Palombo.

International Space Station astronaut Tim Peake posted this amazing video of lightning on the night side of the Earth. If you watch carefully you can find several lightning strikes that produce sprites. Also well visible is the yellow-orange natural airglow produced by sodium atoms.

Minor hailstorms and snowfall were reported in Northern Ireland.

Also, a report of large hail accumulations in Biella, Piemonte, NW Italy on April 8 reached us.