The upper ridge across the SW Europe continues strengthening and so is the intesifying heat wave across the Iberian peninsula. SW Spain peaked at almost 45 °C already yesterday, Aug 1st! It is quite hot also across other parts of Europe and especially (and still) across parts of Fennoscandia – again at almost 33 °C in the far north of Norway! Below is the review of max temperatures across various regions yesterday.

Spain and Portugal: Several stations in Portugal reported daytime highs just slightly below 40 °C while some towns in SW Spain reported max afternoon temperatures up to +43 °C. An automatic weather station just east of Cordoba, Spain reported even higher values – an impressive +44.7 °C was recorded in Montoro!

Tmax values across Portugal, several stations peaked into 40-42 °C range!

France: extreme southern regions experienced afternoon temperatures in upper 30s, Nimes peaked at 40.2 °C!

Germany: peaked into 36-38 °C across the SE and NE parts of the country:

Italy: many stations across north-central parts reached max afternoon temperatures in the upper 30s:

Norway, Sweden and Finland: Fennoscandia continues with impressively high temperatures also this month, up to +33 °C again recorded across parts of the Lapland!