Epic extreme Bora wind event of November 11, 2013 – in pictures and video

Yesterday’s extreme Bora wind event is still resonating across the northern Adriatic region. Preliminary reports suggest the winds gusted above 200 km/h over a wide area of Kvarner, Croatia. Other areas, including Istria, the coast of Slovenia and the northeastern Italian coast also experienced very strong winds, although not as strong as in Kvarner. Amateur meteorologists and weather enthusiasts caught impressive video and photos of the event.

Severe Weather Europe already reported on this severe event here, here and here.

Source: Adriatic Weather / Youtube.com

Source: Aleksandar Gospić / Youtube.com

Source: pepe 25010 / Youtube.com

Some spectacular photos of the windstorm were caught by Toni Katic of our partners Crometeo.hr.

Photo: Toni Katic, Crometeo.hr

Find more of his photos here.

Northeastern Adriatic was part of the HIGH risk of DAY 1 Outlook for 11/11/2013