Intense sea-effect snowfall in Greece and Turkey – January 9, 2017

Parts of Greece and Turkey received intense sea-effect snowfall from the Aegean and Black seas over the past several days. Read more

Review of arctic outbreak with extreme cold, severe Bora winds and lots of snow across Balkan peninsula and S-CNTRL Italy, Jan 5-8, 2017

Latest SWE Outlook for excessive snowfall across Europe until Tuesday: Here is this morning's windchill temperature Read more

Excessive Snowfall Outlook across Europe – Jan 8-11, 2017

An overview of the pattern through the next 3 days when some areas in Europe will be experiencing excessive snowfall. Read more

Severe Bura/Bora winds over the Adriatic sea and intense sea-effect snowfall across S-CNTRL Italy – January 6-7, 2017

It has been snowing in parts of central Italy for almost 3 days now as strong and persisting NE-erlies are advecting arctic Read more

Blizzard conditions in parts of the Balkans, severe Bura/Bora winds across the Adriatic and intense sea-effect snow in CNTRL-S Italy – Jan 6, 2017

The polar blast advances across E-CNTRL and SE Europe today, spreading into the central Mediterranean and causing low Read more